Growing Up Literate, Learning From Inner City Families

Growing Up Literate, Learning From Inner City Families

Heinemann, May, 1988. Ninth Printing.

Awarded the Ninth Annual Mina P. Shaughnessy Prize by the Modern Language Association of America, 1989.

Denny Taylor and Catherine Dorsey Gaines made the first of what were to be many visits to families living in the inner city of a major metropolitan area in the Northeast. Their aim: to study the familial contexts in which young Black children living in urban poverty are growing up literate. Through their focus on children who were successfully learning to read and write despite extraordinary economic hardship, this multiracial team presents new images of the strengths of the family as educator and the ways in which the personal biographies and educative styles of families shape the literate experiences of children. Through the stories of the Shay Avenue families, Taylor and Dorsey-Gaines reach several conclusions that some readers may find surprising.

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