The Challenge

For millions of children the effects of mass trauma last a lifetime. All children can experience a full range of traumatic stress reactions with very young children particularly vulnerable. We need to be agents of change, both working together to expand current understandings and to address the crucial need for the amelioration of the effects of traumatic experiences on the lives of children irrespective of their ethnicity, race, class, gender, religion or country of origin. For children nothing less than everything is at stake.

The Establishment of the International Center for Everybody’s Child

ICEC is Hofstra University’s response to children in crisis. Financial support is requested to establish ICEC so that the international partnerships and collaborative initiatives that have been established during the past eight years can be supported and expanded in regions of the world where children are most vulnerable. ICEC is local as well as global and will have a multidisciplinary focus on children & their life sustaining needs.

For more information visit the ICEC website at