Scholars’ Forum

International Scholars’ Forum

For twelve years, while I was Doctoral Director of Literacy Studies at Hofstra University, every semester I organized an International Scholars Forum in the tradition of the Scholars Forums that Ken and Yetta Goodman organized at the University of Arizona. At Hofstra the tradition continues.

The International Scholars Forums provided opportunities for students to enter into a conversation with renowned educational scholars of our time, with the researchers and teachers who have shaped our thinking, who are activists and advocates, and who struggle against racist and discriminatory educational practices.

The scholars who participated in the Forums were invited because they have dedicated their lives to the support of children and their families, students and teachers in schools. Through their courage and commitment to issues of social justice they have made our institutions more just and more caring. Below you will find a list of the International Scholars who participated in the forums and links to their scholarship. In the coming months I will pay tribute to their remarkable lives and scholarship by adding brief narratives based on the notes I took at their presentations.

Ken Goodman: In Defense of Good Teaching. March 1999

Yetta Goodman: The Reading Process Psycholinguistic Transactional Reading Process and Reading Instruction as Supported by Miscue Analysis. March 1999

David Barton: Studying Literacy In and Out of School. Students as Researchers. April 1999

Richard Figueroa: High-Stakes Tests: Policies and Practices. October 1999

Nadeen Ruiz: Responding to High-Stakes Tests Creating Optimal Learning Environments. October 1999

Brian Cambourne: Orchestrating Complexity: A Response to “One-Size-Fits-All” Reading Mandates and Buddy Can You Paradigm? November 1999

Frank Smith: How Children Learn to Read and Write. March 2000

Shelley Harwayne: Creating Scholarly and Joyful School Settings. December 2000

Elvira Souza Lima: Beyond Freire: Literacy and Popular Education in Brazil. March 2001

Andrea Garcia Obregon: Leyendo y Escribiendo: Literacy Learning and Literacy Instruction in Mexico. March 2001

Alan Flurkey, Debi Goodman, Jeanne Henry, Joan Zaleski: Rethinking the Teaching of Reading and Writing: A Town Meeting. March 2001

Denny Taylor, Mary Altiere, Stephanie Sultana, Patty St. Jean-Barry: Making LIteracy Webs in Schools, Families and Communities. March 2001

Jeanne Henry, Sandra Feire, Roseanna Lanzilotta, Joanne Mannion, Dianna Beirne, Aga Krauze, Jennifer Volta: Everything Students know about Language and Literacy will Support Their Future Language and Literacy Learning. March 2001

Joan Zaleski & Beginning Teachers in the Literacy Studies Department: Building Literacy Environments through Personal Growth and Professional Development. March 2001

Yetta Goodman, Maxine Greene, Margaret Meek Spencer & Louise Rosenblatt: Language, Literacy, Policies and Public Education. September 2001

Bess Altwerger & Steven Strauss: Silent “e” Speaks Out! The “Research” on Beginning Reading From a Neurological and Linguistic Perspective. April 2002

Sonia Nieto: Confronting Troubling Issues of Access and Equity in Education. October 2002

Kathy Short: Why Do Literature Circles Matter in an Era of Tests and Standards? April 2003

David Barton, James Gee, Gunther Kress & Brian Street: Language, Literacy, Politics & Public Education. November 2003

Kris Gutierrez: Rethinking Educational Policy for English Language Learners. November 2004

Brian Street, Lakshitha Saji Prelis, Sarah Freedman, Denny Taylor, Steven S. Strauss, Rick Meyer, JoBeth Allen, & Bess Altwerger: Using Literacy to Support Children Who Have Experienced Armed Conflict or Natural Disasters. April 2005

Rick Meyer: In Search of Joy: Teaching Reading and Writing During Hard Times. December 2005

Denny Taylor, Alan Flurkey, Debra Goodman, Andrea Garcia, Theresa McGinnis, Ann Peluso, Nathalie Lilavois & Lucille McAssey: Reading, Writing and Regulations. April 2006

Vivian Vasquez: Kid-watching, Negotiating and Podcasting: Critical Moves in Literacy Education. November 2006

Anne Haas Dyson: School Literacy and Young Children Learning to Read and Write. April 2007